Supplements for Dieters

While making the effort to shed excess pounds is commendable, it must be undertaken in a safe, moderate manner. A drastic cut-back in calories can cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall erratically which can sabotage not only your weight-loss goals but your health in general. Strive for no more than a 1 to 2 pound loss per week so you don't loose too much lean tissue mass or slow down your metabolism.

If you do diet, make sure you eat a variety of energy rich foods that contain all the recommended vitamins and minerals - it is probably advisable to take a multivitamin to ensure you are getting enough. The B vitamins in particular are important for a healthy metabolism, converting glucose into energy. Coenzyme Q10 may also give you an energy boost. Ensure you get enough potassium to keep your electrolytes in balance.

While there is no shortage of weight-loss formulas on the market, there isn't a magic pill that can help you shed pounds if you don't include diet and exercise in your regimen. Some studies have found that taking chromium can help the body use glucose and fat more efficiently and prevent blood sugar swings.

DHEA has also been credited with weight loss success, however this is still under study and should only be consumed with professional supervision.

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