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Lack of energy is an all-to-common complaint these days. The typical modern lifestyle is full of stress, worry, overwork, sleeplessness, poor diet, and lack of exercise and illness, all of which can lead to feelings of fatigue.

Of course, this energy deficiency is best replenished through a nutrient-rich diet, proper hydration, adequate rest and a balanced approach to life. However, the market is full of powders, pills and potions claiming to give you that zing of energy you crave. Buyer beware - some 'natural' energy concoctions are full of caffeine or sugar; which only provide a temporary boost before a big sugar crash.

Beyond ensuring you get the required daily amounts (RDA) of vitamins and minerals through proper diet, there are some supplements you can consider to optimize your vim and vigour.

At the top of the list are the B vitamins family, which supports the nervous and immune system and helps convert food into energy. In particular, biotin helps the body metabolize glucose and vitamin B12 helps form red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the system. If B12 deficiency is at the root of your energy slump, an injection may be beneficial.

A folic acid deficiency often leads to lethargy, so ensure that you're getting an adequate intake. Vitamin C is also recommended as a pick-me-up because it promotes immune function, helps repair tissues and assists the adrenal gland; which controls the production of stress hormones.

Iron is an important mineral to prevent fatigue as it helps oxygenate the blood. Magnesium is another essential mineral involved in the conversion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy.

Coenzyme Q10 helps cells release energy, so it's often a key ingredient in an energy-boosting regimen. Amino acids and essential fatty acids, like flaxseed oil, can also be effective in combating weariness.

Herbal energy tonics often include licorice; which helps the body produce adrenalin. While ginger stimulates the adrenal glands and cayenne helps improve circulation. Asian ginseng (panax) has been used for centuries throughout Asia to increase vitality. Siberian ginseng is used to help fight fatigue. Ginko biloba is touted as an aid for increasing mental clarity and alertness. These are often the first senses to fade when you're worn out.

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