Supplements for Heavy Drinkers

Moderate drinking may actually be beneficial to one's health. Some studies have shown that a two drink maximum per day for men, one drink maximum per day for women can actually lower the risk of heart disease (especially red wine).

However, a greater alcohol intake depletes the body of certain nutrients, especially amino acids, chromium, vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins like thiamin, folic acid and vitamin B6 - taking supplements of these is recommended for heavy drinkers and those in recovery. Some studies suggest that lecithin may help repair liver damage caused by alcohol consumption. The herbs milk thistle, evening primrose oil and kudzu may help with liver detoxification, withdrawal symptoms and alcohol cravings respectively.

Alcoholics and heavy drinkers run the risk of developing high blood pressure, lowered sex drive, damaged liver, brain and heart cells, cirrhosis of the liver and other serious illnesses.

No amount of vitamin and mineral intake can mitigate the damage that heavy drinking can inflict on the body, so cutting down on consumption is the best option.

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