Can Vitamins and Minerals Really Cure, Treat or Prevent Disease?

Some diseases such as scurvy and beriberi are the direct result of a vitamin deficiency (vitamin C and thiamin respectively), and so replenishing your supply of these essential nutrients will effectively cure these ailments.

Generally speaking, however, you should not think of vitamins and minerals as being able to cure, treat or prevent disease in and of themselves. Rather, they provide your body with the building blocks to maintain cellular integrity, manufacture hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and other vital substances, metabolize energy from food and strengthen the immune system so the body can be in a better condition to heal and fortify itself.

Having an adequate intake of certain vitamins and minerals may help relieve some symptoms and lessen the severity or duration of a disease, but the use of these natural substances as remedies - especially in regards to serious illnesses - is controversial.

For centuries, traditional folk medicine from around the world has tapped into the power of vitamins, minerals and herbs to influence various ailments, and science is now showing that many of these natural approaches have merit.

However, always consult your doctor to discuss health matters. More and more physicians are opening up to include natural therapies along side conventional medicine to help cure, treat or prevent certain conditions.

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