Chinese Herbs

Many people swear by Chinese herbs, but do they really work? Actually, yes. Many doctors have proven that Chinese herbs can be useful. In fact, some of today's modern drugs were developed from Chinese herbs. Today, over 300 Chinese herbs are used for medicinal purposes, including herbs that provide energy, Chinese herbs for human growth hormone release, and herbs that help blood flow.

Most of these Chinese herbs are made into a tea or put into pills. Ginseng is one of the most well-known herbs. Its benefits include a quick energy burst, reduced stress and more endurance. Wolfberry is a Chinese medicinal herb that can help with liver, eye, kidney and skin problems. It's also shown to reduce insomnia and anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Dong quai, also known as female ginseng, is an herb that can help women regulate their menstrual cycles. It helps to reduce cramps by relaxing various muscles, and it acts as a pain-reducing agent as well. It also has positive effects for men, too, like improving the health of the spleen, kidneys and liver.

Then there's astragalus, a root that boosts the immune system. If you have allergies or get infections often, astragalus can help your body fight off these illnesses. It's made into a tea that you drink when you're feeling ill. Note that like most herbs, astragalus makes the body stronger and helps fight off diseases, but it doesn't cure them.

If you're looking for Chinese weight loss herbs, you may be interested in atractylodes, which help the digestive track move food and waste through your body, making your entire system healthier.

Many people cook with cinnamon on a regular basis, but few may know that this herb is also used to help with circulation. It also helps reduce allergic reactions and is often mixed with other herbs into a relaxing tea.

Another common Chinese herb that many people use in cooking is ginger. Ginger is also used in Chinese medicine. It's a very spicy herb that helps improve circulation, prevent heart conditions and even neutralize some poisons.

Many of these herbs can be purchased at local Chinese markets or online. By making them into relaxing teas or using them in cooking, you can make yourself healthier and even stave off some diseases and illnesses.

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