The body's use of chromium is not fully understood by science yet. There has been some recent press that chromium picolinate or GTF may help diabetics control their blood sugar and aid in weight loss efforts.

Natural Food Sources
Apples, barley, beef, brewer's yeast, broccoli, calf liver, cheese, chicken, corn, eggs, molasses, mushrooms, peanuts, sweet potato, tomato, whole grain products, wheat germ.

Main Functions
Chromium helps insulin work efficiently when metabolizing glucose. It is also involved in using proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Deficiency Symptoms
Chromium deficiency is common in the modern diet, mainly because of the consumption of processed grains. Symptoms include numbness in the fingers and toes, high blood sugar, glucose intolerance, clumsiness and nerve disorders. Chromium deficiency may even lead to symptoms similar to diabetes.

Toxicity Symptoms
Dietary chromium will rarely lead to toxicity, but long-term exposure to environmental chromium may lead to problems with the skin, liver and kidney.

Safe and Adequate Intake Range
50 to 200 mcg

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