C is for Cancer

A shot of vitamin C may help fight the big C – cancer. New research from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland found that mega-doses of intravenously administered ascorbate, a form of vitamin C, greatly reduced the growth of cancer cells.

This study counters some recent research that suggested vitamin C is of no benefit to cancer combat. However, that research was based on oral ingestions of vitamin C. This new study was based on a dose of 4-millimoles; too much to be taken orally, but easily achieved by injection.

Led by Dr. Mark Levine, the scientists injected mega-doses of ascorbate to 9 cultures of various cancers and 4 normal cell samples. In 5 of the cancer samples there was a 50-percent decrease in cancer cells. Lymphoma cells were particularly responsive to the treatment. The growth rate of cells exposed to this vitamin C was reduced by 99-percent or better.

The 'why' behind the results is still unknown. The researchers surmise it has something to do with boosting the production of hydrogen peroxide.

October 6, 2005
Source: BBC World News

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