Drink to Your Health

A new vitamin-rich beer has hit the world market, claiming it helps protect the liver from alcohol effects. Lady Bird Bio Beer hails from India, and is being exported to Canada and potentially to other countries around the globe.

Inventor B. Srinivas Amaranth of Advaith Biotech Pvt. Ltd. says the beer; which contains aloe vera extracts along with the usual barley malt and hops, increases the bio-availability of vitamins such as B1, B6, B12, C and E.

The beverage apparently has undergone years of research and has shown no harmful effects - such as ulceration or gastric upset with long-term consumption. The makers claim the vitamin beer also improves liver function, reduces cholesterol and helps regulate bilirubin (the chief pigment in bile) levels.

August 2005
Source: Refiff.com

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