Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, sometimes called ubiquinone or simply CoQ10, is necessary for cells to release energy - and obviously having energy is important for all bodily functions. It has been the subject of many studies in recent years and has been found to be beneficial for a number of conditions.

Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to be effective in treating people with heart failure, helping this muscle have more energy to pump. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure, a pleasant bi-product of the heart beating more efficiently. CoQ10 may also lower your cholesterol and keep your arteries flowing smoothly. Other studies have shown promise in improving the immune system, diabetes, gingivitis, athletic endurance and some think it may help combat cancer.

Coenzyme Q10 is found in foods like tuna, mackerel, sardines, beef, canola oil, wheat germ, and tofu, and needs vitamin C, E, the Bs and selenium to be manufactured by the liver. Supplements are considered safe to take. It's a fat soluble compound best taken in an oil base form, twice a day and with food.

Check with your doctor, nutritionist or holistic practitioner to determine the appropriate dosage for you.

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