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There are countless weight loss, fitness and sports enhancement supplements on the market today as consumers seek to shed pounds, bulk up or boost energy. When combined with a sensible diet and an adequate exercise program, some of these supplements may be used safely and effectively. However, many of these products market themselves with grandiose claims and unbelievable testimonials promising effortless results, so it's easy to be confused by all the hype.

While more and more research is being conducted in this growing diet and sports nutrition industry, there is still a lot of misinformation out there. Some formulations are not supported by controlled clinical studies or do not have reliable scientific evidence to back them up. Some manufacturers sponsor studies that are poorly designed, using small sample groups and multiple criteria so it's not clear what factor is responsible for the outcome. Even third-party research can be inconsistent and inconclusive. It seems for every report that claims safe and effective results, there's another to refute them.

The following are some of the more popular fat-burning and fitness supplements available today. Note, Vitamin Insight is not necessarily promoting or endorsing these products. We are merely providing some basic information about them so that you, together with your health practitioner, can make an educated decision on whether the product is right for you.

  • Creatine: A nitrogenous organic acid that is used by muscles to store energy for use in high-intensity exercise.
  • Ephedra: An herbal remedy that is used as both a weight loss supplement and a sports performance enhancer.
  • HGH: Short for human growth hormone, HGH has a number of reported effects, including increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.
  • Hydroxycut: A weight loss supplement that has been reported to cause liver injury.
  • Stacker: A Synephrine-based weight loss supplement that's marketed as Stacker 2.
  • Xenadrine: A weight loss supplement that claims to stimulate the body's metabolism to burn fat.
  • Zantrex-3: A diet pill that works by providing users with energy and suppressing their appetites.

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