The Shaklee Corporation makes and markets vitamins, cleaning supplies, skin care products and more. Shaklee is based out of Pleasanton, California, and you can find a Shaklee distributer in several different countries, including Japan, China, Mexico, Taiwan and Canada. Shaklee has a list of over 750,000 customers that purchase its products on a regular basis.

The company was founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. He had been selling Shaklee vitamins since 1915, but it wasn't until the '50s that he and his two sons decided to take the family business national. What began as the Shaklee vitamin line soon expanded to selling biodegradable cleaning items. The Shaklees were so pleased with their all organic cleaning supplies that they began to make as many of their products as environmentally friendly as they could, going green well before green was even a buzzword.

The Shaklee family owned and created most of the Shaklee products until 1989, when the company was purchased by the Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company. Shaklee would be Japanese-owned until 2004, when it was sold to a group of U.S. private investors. Today, Shaklee vitamin C supplements, Shaklee organic cleaning materials and Shaklee protein supplements, just to name a few products, are sold across the country and in many other parts of the world.

While they have been sold several times, the Shaklee Corporation has never lost sight of its continued dedication to the environment. In addition to only using organic products, the company also spends many millions of dollars in testing and research, performs quality tests on its products and employs only the top scientists to work in its labs. These scientists not only work on creating new eco-friendly products but they also publish papers and participate in the scientific community.

Shaklee's various products have garnered many high reviews from several different areas, especially from environmentalists and organic health care advocates. Anyone looking for natural vitamins, cleaning products and other eco-friendly items may find that the products offered by the Shaklee Corporation more than meet their desires. The prices are even fairly reasonable, too.

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