Dietary Supplements

There are a host of other dietary supplements beyond realm of vitamins, minerals and herbs that can contribute to your health and well-being. Some are manufactured by the body, some are consumed in food and others are available in supplement form.

There are all sorts of grandiose claims about some of these substances that it is sometimes hard to separate fact from wishful thinking. Scientists are just starting to understand how some of these nutritional supplements work and are beginning to conduct research to provide evidence of their health benefits.

Before taking any supplements, first be sure to research carefully the substance you're considering. Our pages are a good place to start. Secondly, research the supplement manufacturer before you buy their brand.

Some manufacturers are more reputable than others. National brands have reputations to uphold, so you can be reasonably sure of their quality standards. You can also be more sure of consistency and accuracy in the quantity and potency of the active ingredients. However, some purists may not like the mass-produced methods and the undisclosed sources.

Some smaller companies, like Spring Valley Herbs, maintain the more community-oriented philosophy of a family business, offering free nutritional counseling and promising to answer all consumer iquiries. This may make you feel more comfortable, but be aware that it does not mean that Spring Valley vitamins are any better than a drug-store brand. The bottom line is to do your research, and don't take any claims at face value.

Here's an outline of some of the more popular dietary supplements and how they may contribute to your overall nutrition and health.

Amino Acids
Bee Products
Coenzyme Q10
Digestive Enzymes
Essential Fatty Acids
Shark Cartilage
Soy Isoflavones

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