Xenadrine, along with its family of products, is one of the highest selling (and most heavily marketed) weight-loss supplements in America. This strong, ephedra-free thermogenic fat burner increases the metabolic rate and acts as a catalyst to help you shed unwanted pounds while preserving muscle tone. While it may be safe and effective for some people, don't buy into the exaggerated claims of their before-and-after advertising or you'll probably be disappointed. If you read the small print, those results are not typical.

Xenadrine products use a proprietary combination of natural ingredients that the manufactures have trademarked as impressive-sounding Norambrolide. The main component of Norambrolide is a fermented sage compound that may increase the levels of a cellular messenger called cAMP; which helps activate enzymes that remove fat from cells. Note, the study they use to back up this claim is based on "unpublished in-vitro research" and no research has been done to demonstrate this effect on adult humans.

Xenadrine products also contain Thermozanthin, a proprietary blend of herbs - including green tea, yerba mate and guarana - all of which are high in methylxanthines, like caffeine.

Unpleasant side effects of taking Xenadrine include anxiety, irritability, rapid heart rate, shaking, light headedness, cramps, numbness, sweating, thirst, and nausea and skin spots. Do not use it if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, psychiatric disease, migraines or asthma.

To be fair, there has been a double-blind, product-specific clinical study conducted on Xenadrine at Eastern Michigan University which found the Xenadrine group lost 524% more total fat and 759% more with than those taking a placebo. While this and other studies have shown impressive results, Xenadrine use should be combined with sensible diet and exercise program, and never exceed recommended dosages in an attempt to accelerate its effects. As always, consult with your health practitioner before taking Xenadrine products.

Xenadrine branded products include:

  • Xenadrine - the original "revolutionary super-supplement".
  • Xenadrine Extra-Strength - a higher dose formulation
  • Xenadrine EFX - a new and improved, more gentle formulation without the jitters
  • Xenadrine NRG - an 8-hour extended release formulation to increase energy levels
  • Xenadrine RFA-1 - this formulation contains ephedrine
  • Xenadrine 40+ - a version specially formulated for older adults
  • Xenadrine Carbo-Curb - formulated for those on a low-carbohydrate diet
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